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backyard water slide

18’ Wave Slide

Let's have some fun in the sun with the 18' Wave Water Slide! This slide was made for all ages, and can be used with or without water. Use it a party with friends - you'll never get bored! It's fun & safe at the same time!

Space Needed is 16'W X 30'L | Price: $220 daily

slip n slide

22' Monster Wave Slide

Our new 22' monster wave water slide features a very steep start down a sliding lane with a a hump that may just send you flying before you hit a sharp turn and enter the pool. This slide was very popular and has grown into a crowd favorite since it increased to 22 feet in height.

Space Needed is 27'W X 22'L | Price: $360 daily

slip n slide

27' Tropical Slip 'n' Splash Combo

Our New 27' Tropical 2 Lane Run 'N' Splash Combo features a radical sliding angle that's sure to get the adrenaline pumping as riders scream down the Tropical Slide.

Space Needed is 25'W X 75'L | Price: $450 daily

inflatable water slide

27' Roaring River Slide

The twin to our sister slide the 27' tropical combo has grown into a huge party favorite. It is the tallest and steepest slide around our area.

Space Needed is 25'W X 75'L | Price: $450 daily

inflatable water slide

27' Roaring Twist

The 27' Roaring Twist is a combination of the tallest steepest slide with the fun of the curve and splash down ending. There are 2 heights combining a 27' slide with a 22' slide each with their own berm twisting into the pool.

Space Needed is 35'W X 50'L | Price: $450 daily


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